Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures in Picking up an Order of Processed Wool

We had approximately 250 lbs of raw wool to be processed a few weeks ago and we got the notification that it was ready to be picked up. So, off we went, a few sheets of plywood, tie downs, and our fingers crossed that all of the wool would fit in our truck.

Picture 1. Proves that we did it! We got everything 'McGivered up' and packed in. We didn't dare open a window in the cab and prayed the tonneau cover would stay latched. There wasn't room for another pound of batting or roving, but we got it all in.

Picture 2. Celebrating at Sonic with our Happy Hour Slushies.

Picture 3. At home, the tonneau cover rolled up...

Picture 4. ...and it didn't take long for the wool to poof right back up into its original shape.

Picture 5. The scene in our basement rec room is of a mountain of wool, ready to be sorted, shelved, and for inventory to be added to the online store.

What a fun adventure.

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