Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Caring for Your Luxury Wool Products

People often wonder what the best way is to care for and launder their products made of our wool. Here are our recommendations:

Laundering Quilts and Blankets Made of Luxury Wool

Our wool is not treated with chemicals, therefore it is cared for more carefully.  The wool, once in a quilt or blanket, can be placed in a tub that you have filled with warm water and a mild detergent FIRST, and left to soak for about a half an hour. Once it has soaked, rinse with warm water and ring out as best as you can. Line dry on a windy day, if possible, or lay flat to dry. Instead of placing the blanket in a tub of water, you may also place it in a top loading washing machine that you first filled with warm water. Let soak for half an hour. Once it has soaked, turn to the spin cycle and spin it out. DO NOT allow it to agitate. This would felt the wool, causing it to ball up and shrink. Once the spin cycle has completed, you can hang your quilt to dry on the line on a windy day, or lay it flat to dry. 

NO automatic dryer or front loading washing machine should be used. Tumbling in the washer or dryer will shrink and felt your wool. 

Regular use of a duvet cover will eliminate the need of frequent cleaning of your wool duvet. Airing your quilt or blanket out in the sun on a windy day will lessen the need for frequent cleaning.  Shrinkage is an absolute minimum - approx. 2-3% - not noticeable when washed according to instructions.

Wool Pillow Care 

Because our wool is not treated with chemicals, our pillows are not washable. You cannot apply heat or tumble dry our pillows as this will cause the wool to felt, causing it to clump, also reducing the loft. When you get out of bed each morning, shake the pillow to restore the wool loft. You should also regularly air the pillow pillow outside on a sunny and breezy day. This will give the wool a chance to dissipate any water in the wool fibers. The sun is a natural sanitizing agent as well. We strongly recommend using a pillow cover in addition to a pillow case to help protect your pillow, giving it a longer life. 

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