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We are so excited to have you visit us here at Luxury Wool Products.Jason and I live on the Ausable River Cut, near Grand Bend, Ontario with our daughter Olivia. Jason is a Transportation Services Manager with a local municipality and I traded in my teaching career to stay home with our children, and it's a career change I will never regret. 

Mikail, our son, passed away unexpectedly of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Pneumonia, at the age of 4 1/2 in January of 2015. Olivia will be starting Jr. Kindergarten in September of 2016, so I am excited to continue to be there for her, volunteer in her school, and run this wool business all at the same time.

Luxury Wool Products began in summer of 2016, but our history is much longer than this.

In 2007, Ken and Lauren Van Ewyk bought their dream farm near Courtright, Ontario and began the hard work of turning it into a sheep farm by adding fencing, a new barn and creating lush pastures. 

In July of 2007 it was ready for their modest herd of 12 sheep. In November of 2007 the first batch of wool batting was created and the initial 32 queen (90"x90") batts were sold in the first month. In October of 2010 a new lambing barn, measuring 34x100 feet, was built and it includes a heated watering system, insulated lambing nursery section, and ventilation curtains. The sheep have access to pastured areas year round. Presently the flock has steadily grown to suit the growing demand for the wool batting products. Cedarview Farms now has just under 100 ewes. 

 As the farm grows and the demands of family life have changed, not as much time was available for the wool products portion of the business, so when Ken and Lauren approached us about taking the business to the next level, we were excited about the possibilities and began the process of growing the business in July of 2016. 

 I have personally used the wool from Cedarview Farms for my own projects so I knew that the standard and quality of products was something I would like to stand behind and share with others. We look forward to working together with you as you work on your wool projects.

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