Wool Batting (for comforters)

Our luxury wool batting is all natural and eco-friendly. It is made from 100% Suffolk wool and is ideal for making cozy comforters, mattress pads or as filler in pillows. Wool is breathable keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer.

These wool batts are thicker than our batts designed for quilting and should be hand tied, not quilted. Tissue paper separates the layers for easy layout. 
Crib             45"x60"     (1 lb)    $25.00
Twin             72"x90"     (3 lb)   $75.00
Queen          90"x90"     (4 lb)    $100.00
Queenie        102"x90"   (5 lb)     $125.00
**Inquire about our Wholesale prices on orders of batting over 5 lbs.
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email: luxurywoolproducts@gmail.com

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